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Shoreline & Gateway East District Projects Update

May 13, 2019

News & Notes

News Update on CCDC Projects in the Shoreline URD

New District – Shoreline:  The Shoreline District Plan was approved by City Council December 4, 2018, with final reading December 18, 2018.  The plan was transmitted to State Tax Commission, Ada County, and taxing districts December 21, 2018.  The Agency continues to work with stakeholders in the District to be proactive in bringing forth the Plan’s stated initiatives and projects.  District establishment is complete.

Shoreline District – Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards Update:  CCDC, in collaboration with the City, is preparing to update the Downtown Boise Streetscape Standards Manual.  These standards provide guidance to private development and Agency’s Capital Improvement Plan projects about streetscape improvements in the public rights-of-way within the downtown Urban Renewal Districts.

The standards currently in effect were adopted by the City in 2015 and do not include the Shoreline District project area. This update will incorporate the Shoreline District project area as well as the innovative stormwater management strategies outlined in the City’s Lusk Street Neighborhood Master Plan and River Street Neighborhood Master Plan.

The update will be reviewed by neighborhood associations, the City and ACHD before being presented for recommendation by the CCDC Board to City Council for approval and adoption into Blueprint Boise. This collaborative process will begin once Agency funds are allocated to the project to pay for the necessary consultant services.  This collaborative process is expected to begin in April 2019 and be complete by February 2020.


News Update on CCDC Projects in the Gateway East URD


New District – Gateway East:  The Gateway East Plan to develop east Boise industrial property was approved by City Council December 11, 2018 with final reading December 18, 2018 and transmittal to State Tax Commission, Ada County, and taxing districts December 21, 2018.  District establishment is complete.

Gowen Road – ACHD Cost Share – PP Type 4: ACHD will replace the Gowen Road Bridge over the railroad right-of-way including widening to accommodate bike lanes and sidewalks. The Agency is working on a cost share/participation agreement to install fiber optic conduit and accommodate a future pathway under the bridge consistent with the Gateway East Plan. The cost share would be approximately $445,000 due upon completion of construction, but no sooner than October 1, 2022.  The Agency negotiated terms of a cost share agreement with ACHD for the longer bridge span, pending final approval by the CCDC Board at its May 13, 2019 meeting. The Agency will negotiate a separate cost share agreement for conduit later this year.