CCDC is proud to offer a venue for dialogue, learning, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit in the form of WaterCooler, downtown Boise’s home to emerging and innovative businesses. With offices, meeting rooms, cubicles and event space, WaterCooler encourages collaboration and offers mentoring, community engagement, growth and success.

In another partnership, the Downtown Boise Association and CCDC are collaborating with a number of stakeholders to create the new Downtown Boise Wayfinding system. The wayfinding system will involve a network of information, direction and identification signs that work in unison to support businesses and help guide people throughout the downtown area. The initial effort will focus on downtown Boise, but could be expanded in the future to include entry points and destinations in other areas. The agency selected Sea Reach Inc. to develop the system and is currently working with key leaders and the general public in the planning phase.

The agency embarked upon its first-ever Downtown Walkability Analysis in 2013. The Downtown Walkability Analysis was researched and written by Jeff Speck, author, city planner and architectural designer. The analysis was published in October 2013 for CCDC and their downtown partners. The recommendations include ways to strengthen Boise’s downtown by improving the streets, sidewalks and buildings that make up its urban fabric. CCDC, ACHD, and the City of Boise are currently evaluating implementation strategies for the recommendations, which identify pedestrians and bicyclists as key supporters of local business. Coordination with CCDC’s streetscape projects makes this undertaking timely and significant as CCDC works with others to build a better downtown Boise.