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Infrastructure Project Update: 301 29th Street – Whittier Elementary – PP Type 4

March 2, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure to attract new investment and encourage best use of property.


The original Whittier Elementary School building was built in 1948 and is only large enough to accommodate half of the students, with the other half housed in temporary classroom buildings on-site. The Boise School District is building a new 68,000 SF elementary building, off-street parking and bus pick-up area, a new playground, and new site landscaping and a public plaza. The project’s public improvements include new sidewalks and streetscapes along 29th, Jefferson, and Idaho Streets, a large plaza area at 29th and Jefferson, utility work, and some street reconstruction. The construction will be done in two phases.

Whittier has submitted a Participation Program Application and Agency staff has worked through the details of timing and eligible expenses. The project is a Type 4, Public-Public Partnership and will be paid over a 2 year period upon completion of the phased construction. CCDC staff presented this project to the Board of Commissioners at the February meeting for a “Designation”. The designation status was granted and staff is finalizing the Type 4 agreement with the Boise School District and bring it back to the Board in March for final approval. Read more on the Whittier Elementary project page.


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