Our Vision, Mission, and Key Strategies

Since implementing the CCDC PARTICIPATION PROGRAM, the agency has assisted with projects valued at more than $1.2 Billion. The leadership team and employees, with strong support from the Board of Commissioners, continues to maximize CCDC’s unique financial powers to catalyze more investment in our districts.


Help the Boise community thrive in a sustainable economy where an exceptional built environment and excellent business opportunities are in perfect balance.



CCDC ignites diverse economic growth, builds attractive urban centers, and promotes healthy community design.



Economic Development – Cultivate commerce and grow resilient, diversified, and prosperous local economies.

Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure to attract new investment and encourage best use of property.

Mobility – Expand mobility choices that include parking and multiple transit modes to enable universally accessible urban districts.

Place Making – Develop public spaces and energized environments where a blend of cultures and concentrated mix of uses create a valued sense of place.

Special Projects – Invest in projects that respond to emerging revitalization opportunities including public amenities, historic preservation, and support of local arts and culture.

Goals For Downtown Boise

Goals For Downtown Boise
  1. Keep downtown as center of region for:
    • business
    • government and services
    • conventions, lodging and tourism
    • education
    • culture
  2. Achieve superb access and mobility
    • link downtown districts and downtown to region
    • create transportation and systems that support the vision
    • reduce congestion and air pollution
  3. Grow in a healthy, sustainable way
    • develop land use mix intensity that supports walking, bicycling, transit
    • use infill and brownfields
    • use alternative energy sources, geothermal, solar
  4. Create a strong economy and lively mix of uses
    • thriving businesses
    • theaters, museums, street musicians
    • shops, restaurants, sidewalk cafes
    • hotels and entertainment
    • housing
  5. Make downtown a great place for people
    • create in-town neighborhoods
    • expand arts, cultural, and learning opportunities
    • better connection from BSU to downtown
    • add civic spaces and parks to the urban environment