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Mobility Project Update: Re-Branding Parking System

January 29, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Mobility – Expand mobility choices that include parking and multiple transit modes to enable universally accessible urban districts.


Re-Branding Parking System

New ParkBOI Signage

CCDC, in collaboration with ParkBOI, are working together to create a distinctive identity for public on and off-street parking in downtown Boise. Brand-based external signs are being installed and activated. All garage stairwells and elevator lobbies have been painted with brand colors and consistent differing floor colors to aid with wayfinding. CCDC staff is examining new internal signage, as well as revising window stencil/paint. Exterior signs are currently being installed and lighting activated. Once the signs are installed, ParkBOI staff must activate the vehicle count system for the entrance “kiosks”, so prospective customers will know how many spaces are available in each facility.


Check out the new ParkBOI website!


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