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Place Making Project Update: Central District Improvements

March 16, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Place Making – Develop public spaces and energized environments where a blend of cultures and concentrated mix of uses create a valued sense of place.

With the upcoming Central District sunset, the Agency will make a number of improvements. The large areas of improvement in this project are Capitol Boulevard’s east sidewalk improvements, 8th Street’s furnishing zone enhancements, and Freak/Union Alley improvements. A collection of miscellaneous spot repairs also will be completed. This includes spot repair of brick paving areas, tree grate upgrades to current accessibility standards, replacement of bike racks, benches, and trash receptacles that are in disrepair or do not meet current standards. The project will be completed in FY18, prior to sunset of Central District.

Guho Corp. has prepared the first GMP amendment to the Central District CMGC Contract. It includes all contemplated work on 8th Street and procurement of light poles and tree grates for all phases of the project. Agency staff recommended approval of the contract amendment at the February Board meeting. Freak and Union Alley plans are complete and currently under review by ACHD. Guho Corp. is preparing to competitively bid the alley improvements and submit GMP No. 2 to staff for recommendation at the March Board meeting. Capitol Boulevard streetscape and protected bike lane improvements have obtained Design Review approval. CSHQA is producing technical drawings and working with CCDC staff to coordinate with key stakeholders.

CCDC’s construction activity on 8th Street will commence on February 26 and complete by June 15. Pedestrian, bicycle, and business access will be maintained throughout construction. The Freak/Union Alley construction activity is planned to occur from April to June 15, depending on the status of other construction projects occurring in the area. Capitol Boulevard construction is planned to occur during June, July, August. As construction approaches further detail will be developed and coordination with key stakeholders will occur. Read more about the Central District Improvement project.

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