The Agency

Consistent with Idaho State Code and direction from the Boise Mayor and City Council, CCDC focuses on the revitalization of Boise’s downtown and its neighborhoods through urban design and development initiatives in the city’s urban renewal districts.

The Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) was formed in 1965 by the Boise City Council in response to the federal urban renewal program, which offered funding to revitalized central cities across the nation. Originally dubbed the Boise Redevelopment Agency, CCDC has evolved over the years into an agency with a one goal in mind: strengthening and building vitality in downtown Boise.  CCDC is committed to building public infrastructure that supports downtown development projects, serves as a catalyst for private development and fosters economic growth.

CCDC invests in four urban renewal districts downtown: Central Boise, Westside Downtown, River Myrtle-Old Boise, and 30th Street Area.

  • Central, the city’s oldest district, is home to 8th Street cafés, the Grove Plaza, the Idaho’s tallest buildings and the greatest pedestrian activity.
  • Westside includes a portion of the downtown core, a residential neighborhood to the west and the burgeoning Linen District with an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants.
  • The city’s largest district, River Myrtle—Old Boise is made up of two distinct zones: the areas adjacent the Boise River and parks and the historic downtown section known as Old Boise.
  • Formed in December of 2012, 30th Street (i.e. West End) is the newest of the downtown districts. This investment area runs along 27th Street, the new Whitewater Park Boulevard and encompasses the West Main Street and Fairview Avenue corridor.