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30th Street URD Projects Update

June 13, 2022

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the 30th Street URD


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Economic Development

2724 W Fairview Ave – The Avens – PP Type 2: The Agency has received an application from Roundhouse to participate in this project to build 160 apartments with Passive House certification, ground floor commercial/retail space, and an extension of North 28th Street connecting Main and Fairview. Future phases could add more apartments and commercial space. Construction anticipated beginning this fall/winter. The Agency expects to present this project for designation in mid-summer. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes

2850 W Fletcher Street – 27th and Fairview Apartments: The Agency is in discussions with developer KAL Pacific & Associates for Type 2 assistance for its planned residential and commercial mixed-use project located at 27th Street and Fairview Avenue. The project contemplates two, seven-story, mixed-use apartment buildings with 358 total units and ground floor retail space and parking, and a four-story office building. The developer plans to extend Fletcher Street to Fairview Avenue, as proposed in the ACHD Fairview and Main Local Streets Plan and connect the Greenbelt to both streets. The project received Design Review approval in May 2021 and has obtained approval for street extension plans from ACHD. The Agency expects to present this project for designation in late summer. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes

3205 W Moore Street – Whitewater Townhomes – PP Type 1: Type 1 assistance was approved by the Board at its April 2022 meeting to fund public improvements related to development of nine townhomes on a currently vacant parcel. The project will extend Moore Street and associated streetscapes as well as upgrades to power and water lines.  Approval of the final agreement will be considered at the June 2022 Board Meeting on Consent Agenda. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar



Main and Fairview Transit Stations:  The City of Boise, Valley Regional Transit and CCDC are redesigning and constructing improvements at six bus stops along Main Street and Fairview Avenue between North 27th Street and North 16th Street. Transit stations are fully operational and Wright Brothers is finishing punchlist work. Project Lead: Amy Fimbel

2525 W Fairview – St. Luke’s Transit Station – PP Type 4: The construction of St. Luke’s project at 27th and Fairview Avenue overlaps with CCDC’s Main and Fairview Transit Station at the intersection and the Board approved a Type 4 Participation Agreement to subcontract for the construction of this platform in March 2022.  Station construction is planned to begin in May and be complete by fall 2022. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar