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BRUNELLE: Proactive CCDC Brings Housing to Downtown

June 7, 2015

CCDC Point of View

John Brunelle_small_portraitCollaborate, create, develop, complete—four words that are always top of mind these days at CCDC. Our growing and talented group of CCDC employees, combined with a highly engaged board of commissioners, is proactive and eager to collaborate with investors, developers, and public sector partners.

One example is the new Downtown Boise Housing Study, now available from CCDC by clicking here.

Initiating new projects as an agency has been met with positive responses and strong interest in downtown development across multiple use types, particularly downtown housing.

In the River-Myrtle District, CCDC got the ball rolling with an RFP that resulted in a planned mixed-use 60-unit condominium housing project called “The Afton” at 620 S. 9th. CCDC’s newest RFP, in our Westside District, triggered responses from leading developers offering mixed-use 40-unit apartment housing concepts at 1401 W. Idaho. Combined with significant commitments to assist The Owyhee and The Roost, never before has our agency helped activate so many downtown housing projects to create growth and spur redevelopment in Downtown Boise. Additionally, CCDC initiated and completed a downtown housing market analysis that will provide valuable information to current and future housing developers and our community to encourage growth.
Addressing downtown’s expanding parking demands via structure parking is an important part of several of the projects. CCDC recently created and launched a comprehensive parking website focused on downtown options for the driving public. Check out when you have a moment (and are not operating a motor vehicle). Our strategic planning for downtown parking is underway as well, and CCDC kicked it off by convening a round-table of public and private stakeholders as an early conversation in the process. Again, our proactive posture will pay dividends for all downtown development when it comes to parking, mobility, and improving the transportation band in Boise.
Focus on downtown livability is a high priority for CCDC in 2015. Working with partners at the Downtown Boise Association, Ada County Highway District, City of Boise and the general public will result in improved pedestrian and biking infrastructure. The flawless re-direction of 8th Street between Main and Bannock– the heart of downtown owned and operated by CCDC — was a major accomplishment for the agency and its partners. CCDC is partnering with the city’s Public Works professionals to enhance the geothermal system on Broad Street in the Central Addition, as city planners endeavor to establish the city’s first “LIV District” there. Our commitment to economic growth led to our role in launching Trailhead, Boise’s newest space for innovators and entrepreneurs. The agency is also supporting the expansion of Boise Centre, one of Boise’s key economic drivers.
Employees at CCDC are enthused to be in public service during this intense period of growth and exciting, high-quality development in our urban renewal districts. In fact, it would be a challenge for anyone to find an area of Downtown Boise where CCDC and has not left its footprint over this past year. Streetscape beautification, parking garage improvements, more efficient traffic flow created by directional changes and signage, alternative transportation facilitation, downtown housing and the permanent installation of public art are just a few of the many projects CCDC has played a pivotal role in both funding and executing.
We encourage you to join the partnership-oriented, Boise-centric leaders, developers, builders, local government agencies and investors who work every single day to make Downtown Boise the most livable and vital urban renewal districts in the country.