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Central Projects Update

December 14, 2018

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the (former) Central URD

Central, the city’s oldest district is home to 8th Street cafes, The Grove Plaza, and Idaho’s tallest buildings and the greatest pedestrian activity.

The Central District terminated at midnight, September 30, 2018. The City of Boise assumed most ongoing management responsibilities on October 1, 2018. This letter from Mayor Bieter contains additional information including names and numbers to contact at the City.

Downtown Boise – 1985
Downtown Boise – 2018










CCDC to Deliver Additional Revenue to Taxing Districts:  The Agency completed its aggressive, sunset year reconstruction of the Central District in this manner: On time and under budget. The not-quite-final Central District balance is $661,378.41, which CCDC will return to the country for distribution to the taxing entities. This amount represents 6.6% of the $10.1 million Central District Termination Budget previously approved by the Board. Great care was taken not to overspend Central’s final budget. All Central District work ceased on or before the end of September.

Several projects came in substantially under-budget and account for most of the FY 2018 balance. These include Central District-wide Close-out Improvements ($163,872); Capitol & Main Parking Garage Painting ($88,970); Traffic Box Art Wraps / Art Conservation Grant ($87,860); Program Operations ($63,860); and Central District-wide Repairs & Maintenance ($61,700).

Once the annual, independent audit of the Agency’s financial statements is final and Central District’s FY 2018 tax increment revenue fund balance is locked down, CCDC will deliver a check for that amount to Ada County for pro rata distribution to the seven taxing districts based on FY 2017 levy rates.  This is the final step in closing Central District’s books.  As usual, Eide Bailly auditors were on-site the first two weeks of November and produced a draft before month’s end.  Release of the final version is targeted for late December.

750 Main Street – Capitol Terrace – PP Type 1:  CCDC reimbursed Hawkins for the contract amount of $150,000 for the new awnings located on the first level in the public right-of-way. The actual construction cost exceeded this amount. This project is complete.

176 Capitol – Business Interiors of Idaho – PP Type 1:  CCDC has reimbursed Business Interiors for the contract amount of $150,000 for the awnings located in the public right-of-way along Capitol Boulevard and Grove Street. Business Interiors of Idaho has also opened a “co-working” space on the second floor of the building called Wheelhouse. This will be the first space of this kind in downtown Boise.

Awnings at Diablo & Sons

222 N. 8th Street – Diablo & Sons – PP Type 1: CCDC reimbursed the building owner for the contract amount of $150,000 for the awnings located in the public right-of-way along 8th and Idaho Streets. The actual construction cost exceeded this amount.





801 N. Main Street – Wells Fargo Center Retail – PP Type 1:  CCDC reimbursed the building owner for the contract amount of $150,000 for the awnings located along the north spoke of The Grove Plaza and Main Streets. The actual construction cost exceeded this amount.

Capitol and Main Garage Painting:  Painting is now complete, and CCDC conducted the final inspection October 28.  Billing has been submitted and the T4 project has been accepted and paid.

Capitol and Front Garage Disposition:  The Executive Director and Executive Committee continue to work with interested parties to find a suitable buyer.

WashWorx:  Task Order for fabrication and installation of debris cages at spalled concrete locations on stair column beams in the 9th & Front Garage to protect the public from debris until repairs can be made.

Secure Bike Parking:  CTY submitted plans for permit review on October 16.  CCDC expects to conduct an informal bid on or about November 28 with bid opening December 18 and notice to proceed in early January.

Secure Bike Parking – 9th & Main Garage:  CCDC expects to conduct a formal bid in late December with bid opening mid-January and notice to proceed in early February.

9th & Main Garage – Bike Storage Facility

Design and construct secure bike storage facility in the 9th & Main Parking Garage.

April 2018:                               CTY Studio selected for design services.

October 2018:                         Plans submitted to Boise City for building permits.

December 2018:                     Anticipated bid date for construction.

Estimated cost less than $200k.  Informal Bidding planned.

Capitol & Main Parking Garage – Elevator Modernization:  Design and refurbish the two elevators in the Capitol & Main Parking Garage.


June 2018:                              Task Order with Hummel Architects for design services.

October 2, 2018:                     Bid issued.  Project estimate exceeds $200k.  Formal bidding.

October 19, 2018:                   Addendum No. 1 issued extending the Bid deadline to October 30.

October 30, 2018:                   Two sealed bids received.

December 10, 2018:               Board to consider awarding contract to lowest responsive bidder Schindler Elevator Corporation.

Buss Mechanical:  Public Works Construction Agreement to replace the rainwater drainpipe between the first and second floor of the Capitol & Main Garage.


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