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City Under Construction, Six big projects to watch this fall

July 30, 2014


A lot of dirt has been turned in Boise during the past few years–from the Eighth and Main Tower to Jack’s Urban Meeting Place, cranes have become a familiar addition to the city’s swiftly shifting skyline. That’s not about to change anytime soon.

Drive around Boise and the physical signs of new construction are evident; less so are the projects waiting in the wings or only just beginning. From the Grove Plaza to the foot of the Bench, and from Parkcenter Bridge to Ninth Street are several big developments or major infrastructure changes in the works that will alter the face of Boise and fundamentally remake how the city lives, works and gets around.

Though there are dozens of such projects citywide, Boise Weekly dug into six–some are familiar, like the City Center Plaza, while others, like The Afton, are partial mysteries even to their own developers.

Whether it’s condos or commercial, towering or street-level, each of these undertakings prove that Boise is not only the City of Trees, it’s a city under construction.