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Don’t ignore those parking garage tickets — it will cost you in the end

November 12, 2014


BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) — The Capital City District Corporation has written more than $7,000 in parking tickets since May, but it’s only received 54 percent of payments.

Max Clark, the director of the CCDC’s Parking and Facilities department, said that’s pretty normal though.

“Bad credit doesn’t mean that much to people anymore,” Clark said, “so frequently people don’t pay.”

But the new policy approved in Monday’s meeting will start holding repeated violators more accountable.

The department has ordered two new hand-held machines that will scan driver’s tag numbers, alerting attendants on prior tickets the driver may have.

“Say this person has a couple hundred dollars worth of tickets or they’re a monthly customer parked down in the transit space,” Clark explained. “It will make a beep notifying the ambassador of what the issue is and then they’ll just issue them the citation.”

Clark said there is another provision the department will be adding for the maintenance of its parking garages, one it has adopted from the city.

“We are continuing the $25 fine if you don’t pay after 14 days,” Clark said. “We are making a provision for an impoundment if you acquire $200 worth of fees and fines.”

Those who’s cars do get impounded won’t be allowed to get their vehicles until all their fines are paid.

The new devices will work with the updated technology the CCDC received earlier and will cost the department $6,000 a piece. The devices are expected to arrive in December and be put into action immediately.