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Downtown 8th Street set to change direction

June 9, 2014


BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – The one way section of 8th Street in downtown Boise, which currently goes southbound, will be switched to northbound this month. Officials hope it will improve traffic for vehicles and bikes.

Originally, Capitol City Development Corporation wanted to make it a two way street, but decided to hold off on that decision until at least 2016 when other nearby construction projects were finished.

Parking and Facilities Manager Max Clark with CCDC said by switching the one way from southbound to northbound it will help relieve some traffic issues on Main Street, which will have to close some lanes during construction of the Multimodal Center going in on the Grove.

“8th Street will provide an escape valve if you will. So if people don’t park in the Eastman Garage then they have the option of turning left here and going northbound on 8th or continuing on Main Street.

The change will also include moving the bike lane to the opposite side of the street, instead of being up against the cars that are parked along 8th.