In early 2015, CCDC helped establish Boise’s newest space for innovators and entrepreneurs – “Trailhead.”  This collaborative professional place encourages gathering, connecting and learning. Trailhead is a non-profit, community effort focused on helping develop the next generation of business successes in the Boise Valley. They provide educational programming, unique networking opportunities, along with structured and unstructured events and drop-in sessions. CCDC secured a lease for  Trailhead at 500 S. 8th Street in the heart of the agency’s River-Myrtle Urban Renewal District.  In early 2017, Trailhead expanded north into BODO, opening “Trailhead North”. This expansion provides space and support for members to focus and grow.

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Learn to Code at Trailhead!

In June 2016, Trailhead began offering Code School. This fast-paced, 12 week course is taught by BoiseCodeWorks. It is designed to transform beginners into junior-level web developers through a combination of intense, project-based learning, professional development, and career aid. Learn front-end and back-end web development, including JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Angular, APIs, C#, .NET and more. More information from current students below. You can register HERE

Code School at Trailhead – Snapshot

October 2016

There are sixteen students, ranging from a kid fresh out of high school from Boise, a thirty-something former math teacher who moved his family here from Mississippi, to a late forties veteran who just left the military (who is on a scholarship from Mission 43/JKAF).

Six of the students (give or take one) are from out of town. More than one of them said that when they were choosing where to live, one requirement was that the city had to have a code school.

There are some highly talented people in this group–a student from Cincinnati who has a degree in molecular biology, a student who studied neuroscience from San Diego, and a student who left her sales career at Google in the Bay Area to come to the code school. All of them said, unequivocally, that they would be staying in Boise.