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Gateway East District

October 7, 2022

News & Notes

Economic Development

951 E Gowen Road – Red River Logistics and Commerce Centers – PP Type 2: The Board approved this agreement at its February meeting to participate in the extension and public dedication of Production Street and associated utility and streetscape improvements. This street extension is included in the Gateway East District Plan and will open opportunities for additional development on adjacent vacant parcels. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes

2500 W Freight St – Boise Gateway 3 – PP Type 2: The Agency has received a Type 2 application from Boyer Company for Type 2 assistance to perform utility and roadway improvements related to the construction of a 185,000 square foot speculative warehouse building design to accommodate up to four tenants on a lot bound by Eisenman Road, Winco Court, and Freight Street. The Agency will work with Boyer Company to review the application and gather updated estimated eligible expenses and expect to request designation for the project at the Board’s December meeting. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar


Gowen Road – ACHD Cost Share – PP Type 4: This is a cost-share project with an ACHD bridge replacement project on Gowen Road at the railroad crossing. CCDC-funded improvements include installation of a fiber-optic conduit bank between Exchange Street and Eisenman Road, a wider sidewalk on the approaches to the bridge, and a longer bridge span, which will accommodate a future Rail-with-Trail pathway under the bridge. Construction of the improvements is complete and CCDC has submitted payment to ACHD for the work performed. Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

Eisenman Road Interim Improvements, Blue Sage Lane to Blue Valley Lane: Construct an interim five-foot wide asphalt pathway along the frontage of the Blue Valley Estates Mobile Home Park with a new retaining wall at Five Mile Creek. Final plans have been submitted to ACHD for approval. Project Lead: Kassi Brown