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Groundbreaking Development Near The Grove Plaza!

July 2, 2014

News & Notes

The exciting City Center Plaza Groundbreaking was held on Tuesday, July 1, at 11:00am.  As a major player in the overall project, CCDC was among the organizations represented on the traditional “shovel line.” The shovel ceremony took place at the very end of the speeches, when Gardner Company representative Tommy Ahlquist took the stage and announced it was time to break ground!

John Brunelle, executive director and “the face of CCDC,” selected a shovel from the line up, donned a hard hat, and threw some dirt with the entire group. Brunelle joined an impressive collection of community leaders on behalf of CCDC. Among those present were, from Gardner Company: Tommy Ahlquist; Tom Ahlquist; Christian Gardner; Kem Gardner; Mark Cleverley; Ryan Cleverley; Dave Wali; and Geoff Wardle; Jim Walker, Hy Kloc, Judy Peavey-Derr, Steve Berch, Susan Eastlake, Don Knickrehm, and Pat Rice from Boise Centre; Mark Rudin, Laura Simic, Tim Andersen, Jared Everett, Martin Schimpf, Amy Moll,  Alden Sutherland, Ryan Woodings, Jim Gasaway, and Marianna Budnikova of Boise State; Kelli Fairless, coinJalbert Rhonda,
Zaremba David VRT
Krochallis Rick VRT
Risch Senator VRT
Boren Mike Clearwater
Boren Dave Clearwater
Bates Doug Clearwater
Bieter Dave City of Boise
Jackson Joe ESI
Nelson Neil ESI
Bowar David ESI
Winger TJ Babcock
Cottle Rob Babcock
Bowen Bob Babcock
Connors Bill Boise Chamber
Franden Commissioner ACHD
Sander Karen Downtown Boise Association