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River-Myrtle/Old Boise URD Projects Update

August 12, 2019

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the River-Myrtle/Old Boise URD

The city’s largest district, River-Myrtle/Old Boise is made up of two distinct zones: the areas adjacent to the Boise River, public parks, and the historic downtown section known as Old Boise.


5th & Front Streets – Hotel and Parking Garage – PP Type 3, 5: 
Construction continues on the 5th and Front Garage. The 540-space parking garage is scheduled to open in early 2020 with the hotel to follow in summer 2020. CCDC has committed to leasing 200 parking spaces for public use. Customers interested in leasing a space are being directed to The Car Park to reserve a monthly pass.

505 W. Idaho Street – The Gibson – PP Type 2, 4:  The Gibson apartment building is complete and nearly leased up. The Agency inspected the public improvements subject to reimbursement and has received final acceptance of the “parklet” from the City’s Parks & Recreation Department. The Agency is processing reimbursement as per the existing Participation Agreements.

503-647 S. Ash Street – Ash Street Townhomes– Agency Disposition PP Type 5:  In 2018, this property was sold to deChase/Miksis for the purpose of transforming this area into workforce housing. The Ash Street Townhomes are complete, and CCDC toured the development on Friday, June 12 with the development team. These 34 workforce rental housing units and a small retail space along the Pioneer Pathway will help transform this urban neighborhood.  Rents will be affordable to families making less than 120% of the area median income, or less than $2,200 per month for a 3-bedroom townhome.

611 S. 8th Street – Afton Phase I – Agency Disposition PP Type 5:  In 2001, CCDC acquired this site for redevelopment then sold the site in two phases to RMH Company following a 2013 competitive RFQ/P process. Phase I with 60 condominium units is completed, sold, and occupied. A unique restaurant “Kiwi Shake & Bake” opened in December 2018 in the corner retail unit at 8th & River Streets.

620 S. 9th Street – Afton Phase II – Agency Disposition PP Type 5:  Phase II construction is progressing and more than 50 percent of the condo units have been sold. Delivery of the finished units is scheduled for late 2019.

500 S. 8th Street – Trailhead – Agency Leased Property:  This 60-month lease entered Year Five on February 1, 2019. Event and user programming by Actuate Boise remains active. Two minor restroom plumbing repairs were conducted the week of July 22.

200 Myrtle Street – Boise Caddis – PP Type 2:  The Board approved the Type 2 Participation Agreement with Boise Caddis at its June 2019 Board Meeting. The Project includes 160 rental units and 400 parking stalls. Ada County will purchase the parking stalls for use by its nearby Courthouse complex workforce. The Type 2 Agreement includes approximately $1.2 million in public improvements for 2nd, 3rd, and Myrtle Streets and a small portion of Broad Street, which will be reimbursed using tax increment revenue generated by the project. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall with final completion in Summer 2021.

406 Broad Street – Cartee Apartments – PP Type 2:  The Cartee developer has submitted construction drawings to the City for permitting. The agreement between CCDC and the developer contemplates approximately $1.3 million in Eligible Expenses to be reimbursed from the project’s tax increment revenue. The project includes approximately 160 apartments units and 176 structured parking spaces. Construction is scheduled to begin Fall 2019.

429 10th Street – Agency Owned – PP Type 5 (RFP):  At the July Meeting, the Board approved a new Disposition Process and Policy. This process will require that real property meet certain criteria to qualify as “Surplus” at which time the real property can be disposed of through a sealed bid process, consistent with Title 50, Chapter 14, Idaho Code, which the City of Boise also follows. At the August Meeting, the Board will consider declaring 429 S 10th Street as Surplus with the intent to sell the property. A public hearing for the declaration will be held on August 28th at noon in the CCDC Board Room.

512 W Grove Street – 5th & Grove Mixed Use Residential – PP Type 2: The Board will review this project as eligible to receive Type 2 General Assistance funding at the August Meeting. The project includes 114 for-rent apartments and 8,000 SF of ground floor retail. Preliminary estimates show Eligible Expenses between $900,000-$1,200,000. Preliminary scoring shows that the project will qualify for Level A status and would receive 80% of the tax increment revenue it generates to reimburse for Eligible Expenses. Final scoring and expenses will be verified for the Type 2 Agreement, which will be reviewed by the Board in September.

535 S. 15th Street – River Street Lofts – PP Type 1:  The developer has experienced delays in construction and plans to be completed in November this year. At its July meeting, the Board extended the Type 1 Agreement termination to September, 2020 to ensure that the project will be reimbursed for its public improvements upon completion.

5th & Grove Streets Utilities – Underground & Conduit: This project consists of the design and construction to underground the utilities and install a conduit bank on 5th Street from Front Street to Main Street. Idaho Power’s contractor, Probst, has already completed the duct bank crossing of Main Street ahead of the ACHD resurfacing project on Main later this summer. The Agency issued an informal bid for the installation of the fiber conduit banks and vault installations and awarded the contract to Guho Corp.  Contracts with the various telecommunications companies for their work are also in process. Work is expected to resume on August 19 when a permit moratorium issued by ACHD is set to expire.

11th Street Streetscape – Grove Street to River Street:  These streetscape improvements are planned for construction in FY2023. To maximize public investment, the Agency is working closely with ACHD on its 11th Street bikeway facilities project. To ensure that cooperative and coordinated solutions are developed by ACHD and CCDC in their respective planning processes, the Agency is conducting planning and design on a similar schedule to ACHD.

6th Street Streetscape – Front Street to Main Street: Design and construction of streetscape improvements on 6th Street between Main and Front Streets. Guho Corp is the apparent responsive low bidder. Staff will seek Board approval for a construction contract at its August Board Meeting.

October 9, 2018 RFP issued to three on-call design professional firms.
November 5, 2018 The Land Group selected as design professional of record.
December 2018 Task Order with final scope of work for project design was executed.
March 2019 Design Review package submitted to City of Boise.
Late May 2019 The Land Group submitted final plans to ACHD.  Final approval included several license agreements.  Project includes Block 7 Alley project as the 2019 Streetscape Project.
July 8, 2019 Invitation for Bid issued.
July 30, 2019 Bid Due Date – Two bids received.
August 12, 2019 Award Contract.


RMOB – Consolidated Newspaper Boxes:  CCDC and the City are coordinating purchase and installation of consolidated newspaper boxes.  The Agency received approval on June 3 from the City for proposed locations and box configurations.  The Agency has ordered newspaper boxes from vendor M.E.R. and anticipates delivery in early September.

390 S. Capitol Blvd – Mod Pizza – PP Type 1:  The building is under construction at Capitol & Broad Streets with completion scheduled for December 2019. CCDC will reimburse the project for up to $100,000 for awnings over the right-of-way and limited sidewalk improvements.

5th St & Myrtle St – Signalized Crossing: Kittelson & Associates is working on a preliminary warrant analysis for a new signalized crossing at 5th and Myrtle Streets.

RMOB Circulator – Preliminary Engineering:  CCDC is partnering with the City to split the costs of preliminary engineering for the Downtown Circulator project.  The Agency is re-budgeting preliminary engineering funds to FY2020.  The Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

ParkBOI – Capitol & Myrtle Parking Garage – Agency Owned Property:  Agency is currently working on contracting a vendor for spray-on fireproofing repairs.

ParkBOI – 9th & Front Parking Garage – Agency Owned Property:  The site walk for the Code Analysis Project was conducted on April 17. The Draft Report was received May 31. The Final Report was received in June, and the findings are being incorporated into the Parking Reinvestment Program. Agency is currently scoping waterproofing membrane repairs, to be completed before winter.

ParkBOI – 11th & Front Parking Garage – Agency Owned Property: No significant maintenance performed in July.  Data indicates fewer than 100 of the 722 spaces that were originally available for general public monthly use remain available to lease.

5th & 6th Streets – City of Boise/ACHD Traffic Configuration: ACHD has this project on indefinite hold until there is programmed construction funding. The Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

Grove Street – Multi-Block Improvement Project:  CCDC solicited, received, and reviewed proposals from design professionals. CCDC and the City selected a design professional and a contract is forthcoming. A vision statement, project timeline, and community engagement plan are being developed.

Block 7 – CCDC Alley Program:  Block 7 is bounded by Capitol Boulevard, Main Street, 6th Street, and Grove Street.  This project is being bid with the 6th Street Streetscape Project (see above).  Contract award is currently scheduled for the August Board meeting. The project includes pavement enhancements, lighting, and improved trash facilities.

RMOB Public Art – City of Boise Traffic Boxes – PP Type 4:  The City Arts & History Department issued the Call-To-Artists. The T4 Agreement with the City of Boise was approved by the Board on February 11, 2019. Artists were selected and traffic boxes were assigned in March.  Art content has been approved and will now move into the fabrication phase for installation this summer.

8th St Public Art – City of Boise Murals – PP Type 4: CCDC is working with the City Arts & History Department on a T4 Agreement for murals in Simplot Alley and on 9th Street. The City is in the process of deciding how to handle easements. The Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

RMOB Public Art – City of Boise Broad Street Sculpture – PP Type 4:  The T4 Agreement was approved by the CCDC Board on February 11, 2019.  In April, the City’s artist selection panel selected Krivanek + Breaux. City Arts & History is working with the artist on a contract. In May, Boise City Council approved the selection panel’s and Arts & History Commission’s recommendation to approve working with Krivanek + Breaux.