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Shoreline District – Project Updates

March 13, 2023

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Economic Development

17th Street Interim Streetscape Improvements, Shoreline Drive to Cul-de-Sac: Pedestrian improvements to address the current gaps in the sidewalk and install additional overhead lighting on 17th Street between Shoreline Drive and the east end of 17th Street (cul-de-sac). The goal of this effort is to improve safety and mobility within the public right-of-way on 17th Street. Final plans have been submitted to ACHD for approval. Project Lead: Kassi Brown

818 W. Ann Morrison Park Dr. – Capitol Student Housing – PP Type 2: The Gardner Company is constructing a new five-story mixed-use residential building with 91 units (278 BR) and ground-floor commercial space with associated site improvements. Public improvements eligible for CCDC reimbursement include streetscapes along Ann Morrison Park Drive, Lusk Street, and Sherwood Street. Utility upgrades and expansion work includes upgrading and undergrounding power, new underground fiber, and the expansion of the sewer and water mainlines. Total Development Costs are estimated at $44 million, and Eligible Expenses at $600,000. The Board approved an agreement in January, and work is underway with a target completion date of June 2024. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes