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Shoreline & Gateway East District Projects Update

July 13, 2021

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the Shoreline URD

Economic Development

17th Street Reinvestment Study: CCDC is preparing a neighborhood level study for the western portion of the Shoreline URD generally bounded by the I-184 Connector, Americana Blvd and the Boise River.  The objective of this project is to identify opportunities for public investment by CCDC and partner agencies which will spur private investment in the study area.  CCDC hired Cushing Terrell to assist with evaluating existing infrastructure and land use conditions within the study area, meeting with Stakeholders (i.e. property and business owners within the study area, including the City of Boise and ACHD) to assess barriers to redevelopment and vision for the study area, and establishing a set of project and/or policy recommendations for CCDC and partner agencies to consider. The Project Team has conducted three stakeholder meetings and anticipates delivery of final study report by the end of July 2021.  Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer


1401 W Shoreline – Food Truck Park Bike Corral: The Green Acres Food Truck park opened Memorial Day weekend 2021. CCDC supported the economic and placemaking activation of this area with a bike corral strategically placed to serve cyclists accessing the food truck park from both the Greenbelt and the Shoreline Drive bikeway. The new bike corral was installed May 24, 2021 in a temporary spot until ACHD approves the new street location; a license agreement has been signed by CCDC and is pending final approval.  Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar and Aaron Nelson


Update on CCDC Projects in the Gateway East URD


Economic Development

9100 S. Eisenman Road – PP Type 2:  R.L.R. Investments, LLC is building a new regional hub with an estimated total cost of $9.8 million that will include three structures – a 5,000 square foot office, 60,000 square foot freight terminal, and 9,000 square foot maintenance shop. The CCDC Board approved the Type 2 agreement in June 2020, which included approximately $385,000 in eligible expenses, at the June 2020 Board meeting.  Excavation and site work is complete and construction is underway on the main structure, with an estimated completion this fall.  Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar

9605 S. Eisenman Road – Boise Gateway 1 – PP Type 2: Boise Gateway 1 is a 168,000 square foot industrial building project with related site improvements located at the southwest corner of Eisenman Road and Freight Street. This was the first project / phase of the 140-acre Boise Gateway Industrial Park, on land owned by the City of Boise and ground-leased to the Boyer Company for development. The project was completed last summer and the primary tenant, Verde Fulfillment, now occupies and is operating out of the building. Total project value is estimated to be $13 million, with an estimated $425,000 of Eligible Expenses. The project was designated for Type 2 assistance at the November 2019 Board meeting.  Boyer will submit final cost documentation in September 2021 after all vendors have been paid and CCDC will begin reimbursement in September 2022.   Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar

2155 E. Freight Street — Boise Gateway 2 — PP Type 2: Boise Gateway 2 will be 287,000 sq ft sort station for retail products from differing manufacturers where products will be sorted for order fulfillment. This project is the second phase of the 140-acre Boise Gateway Industrial Park. Total project value is estimated to be $53,900,000 with approximately $580,000 in Eligible Expenses.  The Board designated this project in February 2021 and a final Agreement will be presented to the Board this summer. Construction is expected to finish in September 2021. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar

10026 S. Eisenman Road – Mr. Gas 21 – PP Type 2: Lynch Land Development is building Mr. Gas’ first Boise location off the Eisenman exit of I-84. The project will include amenities for professional drivers including trailer drop-off areas, a truck scale, bulk fuel storage facilities, temporary and overnight parking, showers, and an 11,000 square foot retail center offering prepared foods, essential goods, and showers. Total estimated development costs are approximately $12.9 million with just over $1 million spent on public improvements to extend water and sewer main lines from Freight St and install a sidewalk with landscaped buffer and streetlights. CCDC estimates it will be able to reimburse approximately $480,000 of these costs. The Board approved the agreement March 2021, and construction has begun with completion expected September 2021.  Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar

1001 E. Gowen Street – AZEK – PP Type 2: Decking manufacturer AZEK recently selected Boise for construction of their new facility which will be their flagship location in the West. The company anticipates investing approximately $100 million to retrofit the old Shopko building and expand power infrastructure, and estimates it will create 180 new permanent jobs. The project includes approximately $1M in eligible expenses primarily to construct a power substation. The Agency is assisting AZEK with their Type 2 Participation Program application and will present the project to the Board for designation in August. Construction is anticipated to commence later this year with full operation beginning in 2022. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar 


Gowen Road – ACHD Cost Share – PP Type 4:  This is a cost-share project with an ACHD bridge replacement project on Gowen Road at the railroad crossing.  CCDC-funded improvements include installation of a fiber-optic conduit bank between Exchange Street and Eisenman Road, a wider sidewalk on the approaches to the bridge and a longer bridge span which should accommodate a future rail with trail pathway under the bridge.  At its May 2020 meeting, the CCDC Board approved an amended cost share permit and interagency agreement for these improvements.  Construction of the improvements is underway. A Construction Change Order request from ACHD is anticipated in July/August 2021 to cover additional costs associated with modifying the proposed subterranean fiber optic vault size at least two locations.  The cost of this change is anticipated to be within the available project budget.    Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer


Production Street and Gowen Road Utilities: This project will install new fiber optic conduit banks and associated vaults along Production Street and Gowen Road for the City to enhance data connectivity within city limits. Civil Survey Consultants completed the design of the project in November 2020, but the engineer’s estimate was higher than the project’s FY21 budget. CCDC will delay the start of construction until summer 2021 so that costs can be split between FY21 and FY22.  Project Lead: Amy Fimbel