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CCDC Celebrates Alexandra Monjar’s Rise to Senior Project Manager

February 23, 2024

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We’re proud to announce the promotion of Alexandra Monjar to the position of Senior Project Manager – Property Development. With an impressive three-year tenure at CCDC, Alexandra has become a cornerstone of the team, showcasing exceptional leadership, and making significant strides in advancing the Agency’s nationally recognized Participation Program while demonstrating exceptional leadership in various key initiatives.

During her time at CCDC, Alexandra has displayed outstanding skills in navigating complex projects, fostering public-private partnerships, and making substantial contributions to the Agency’s Participation Program.

Her leadership in the revision and updating of the Program resulted in the integration of additional affordable housing incentives and the creation of the State Street Participation Program Policy, adapting the program to fit the unique conditions and goals of that Urban Renewal District. She also negotiated the AZEK Participation Program Agreement, a new $123,230,000 development in the Gateway East District, and represented the Agency during the AZEK site selection process.

“I am a big believer in the ability of public-private partnerships to do things that aren’t necessarily possible when each sector works alone,” said Alexandra. “I love that I get to be part of that process and play a small role in projects that benefit our community, whether with rent-restricted housing, restoring historic buildings, creating good jobs, or simply adding to the liveliness of our great downtown.”

Currently, Alexandra is leading negotiations for the Block 68 South and Block 69 North Catalytic Redevelopment Project. This has involved the negotiation of Development and Disposition Agreements, a land exchange agreement with the YMCA, and providing crucial analysis for the project review committee.

Alexandra has been a key representative for CCDC both locally and nationally. She served as the Urban Plan Committee Chair and was a member of the Management Committee for ULI Idaho, and she represented CCDC to receive the prestigious Jack Kemp Award for the Ash + River workforce housing project. Additionally, Alexandra showcased her expertise in a ULI Americas webinar, highlighting the success of CCDC’s projects.

CCDC is proud to recognize Alexandra Monjar for her outstanding contributions and congratulates her on this well-deserved promotion to Senior Project Manager.

CCDC property development senior project manager Alexandra Monjar accepts the award on behalf of The Martha.