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The Grove Plaza Renovation Officially Begins

May 19, 2016

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Pedestrian traffic and local business access to remain open during staggered spoke and plaza closures

West Spoke FencesOn Wednesday, May 18, 2016, renovation of The Grove Plaza will officially begin, starting with the placement of safety fencing and general site preparation.  This sets in motion the construction process after nearly 18 months of planning, during which the Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC) conducted public outreach surveys, informational booths, and dozens of meetings with downtown stakeholders and partner agencies.  CCDC wants the public to be assured that a thoughtful traffic flow plan will be implemented throughout construction, ensuring pedestrian traffic and local business access will remain open during staggered spoke closures.

“It’s exciting to see this citizen-led vision of The Grove Plaza and its surroundings becoming a true reality after 30 years.” said John Brunelle, Executive Director of CCDC. “Renovating the plaza is crucial—not just to make the needed improvements, but also to enhance the space to better provide for all of the new and existing downtown businesses, residents, and visitors.”

Important construction highlights include:

  • Pedestrian access will remain open with some restrictions during construction. Visit for up-to-date detour maps.
  • The central plaza is planned to re-open in time for the holiday tree lighting and related events in November.
  • Summer events on the plaza have been relocated including Alive After Five, which will take place on the Basque Block during the 2016 summer season. All construction will be complete for the 2017 Alive After Five series.
  • Throughout the renovation, business access to the surrounding buildings and shops will be maintained at all times. The public is encouraged to visit the businesses and see progress on the renovation.

On May 9, 2016, the CCDC Board of Commissioners awarded the Guaranteed Maximum Price contract to McAlvain Construction.  Public input was used to determine the design and vision for the plaza renovation that is expected to cost $4.85 million.   For more information and updates about The Grove Plaza renovation, including pedestrian detour maps and renovation design renderings, visit and follow The Grove Plaza on Facebook.

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The renovation will include an updated interactive fountain that will remain flush to the surface, along with a contemporary paving pattern. Other additions include public restrooms, a mobile stage for use at plaza events, moveable tables and chairs, high efficiency area lighting, a sound system, free WiFi, and umbrellas for extra shade. The plaza renovation will also implement Green Stormwater Infrastructure which allows for on-site water infiltration and helps the trees to grow faster and larger. Personalized bricks that will pave the plaza are for sale and, all proceeds will benefit the renovation effort. The original engraved bricks, or Founders bricks, will be re-engraved on to new bricks and placed back into the plaza. For more information about the Founders bricks or to purchase a new personalized brick, visit

The Grove Plaza will continue to be a public space that is open and accessible to the Boise community and visitors as well as serve the additional new developments in the four block area, including:

  • The Clearwater building that is bringing 900 BSU computer science students, 450 new tech employees, and five new retail storefronts to the block. Students, employees, and the public will be able to enjoy the plaza including the public WiFi.
  • Main Street Station transit riders can enjoy the plaza while waiting for transfers or use the GreenBike station located on the plaza’s south spoke.
  • Boise Centre convention goers will be able to relax in the plaza during breaks and CCDC also expects to see the plaza host more outdoor events, expos, and perfunctory events for the convention center.


Boise’s redevelopment agency manages four redevelopment districts in downtown Boise and seeks to improve, develop, and grow the downtown economy, and to create vitality in the capitol city.  The agency promotes development through improving public spaces by assisting in public streetscapes, investing in infrastructure and utility updates, purchasing and redeveloping strategic downtown property, and constructing and managing public parking garages to offset the need for private parking and preserve land for development. The agency works hand-in-hand with local economic development agencies.


Doug Woodruff, Project Manager, Capital City Development Corporation

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