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Westside Projects Update

May 13, 2019

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News Update on CCDC Projects in the Westside URD

The Westside includes a portion of the downtown core, a residential neighborhood to the west, and the burgeoning Linen District with an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants. Read below for an update of current projects happening within the Westside Urban Renewal District.

1010 W. Jefferson St – 10Ten Building – Agency-Owned Property:  The annual fire sprinkler Inspection was conducted in April 2019. Backflow device repairs were performed by American Fire Protection.

421 N. 10th St – ISG/BSN Building – Agency Owned Property:  Spring preventive maintenance was performed on the HVAC units on April 25, 2019. Total System Services will replace three roof top units needing new compressor contactors.

1001 W. Main St – KOUNT Building – PP Type 1:  CCDC has reimbursed the project $150,000 for its Eligible Expenses, which included awnings over the right of way and sidewalk construction. All tenants have moved into the building including ground floor retail – Good Burger, The Bodega, and A Café. This project is complete.

11th Street Streetscape – Washington Street to Grove Street:  These streetscape improvements are slated for construction in FY23. To maximize public investment, the Agency is working closely with ACHD on a current project, the 11th Street bikeway facilities. To ensure that cooperative and coordinated solutions are developed by ACHD and CCDC in their respective planning processes, the Agency is conducting planning and design on a similar schedule to ACHD.

15th Street Utilities – Undergrounding & Conduit: This project will underground overhead power lines and install underground conduit to facilitate future redevelopment (including a new Fire Station #5) and mature street trees on the west side of 15th Street as well as an expanded telecommunications network. ACHD and the City have executed a Master License Agreement for utility conduit in the right-of-way effective May 8, 2019, and the Agency is in the process of executing a contract with Anderson & Wood to conduct the work this summer.

May 2018 Quadrant Consulting selected to draw plans and specifications
December 21, 2018 Plans and specifications submitted to ACHD for review
February 15 and 22, 2019 Formal bid advertised
February 27, 2019 Non-Mandatory Pre-Bid Meeting held – 4 bidders attended
March 14, 2019 Bid Due Date.  No Bids were received.  Per Idaho Statute 67-2805 (2)(a)(viii) – If no bids are received, the governing board may procure the goods or services without further competitive bidding procedures.
April 8, 2019 The Board awarded a public works construction contract to Anderson & Wood Construction.


Westside District – Consolidated Newspaper Boxes:  The Agency and City are coordinating purchase and installation of consolidated newspaper boxes. CCDC awaits the City Code changes to the Downtown Streetscape Standards that will allow this project to move forward. The Agency has proposed locations and configurations in the Westside District to the City and is awaiting approval prior to ordering the new newspaper boxes.

Bannock Streetscape – 8th to 9th Streets:  Jensen Belts Associates has completed the Design Review package.  The project is on a temporary hold pending outcome of City/ACHD traffic and street configuration decision. The City has met with ACHD and anticipates starting public outreach in June.

8th Streetscapes – Bannock to State Streets: This City PDS project is on temporary hold pending outcome of City/ACHD traffic and street configuration decision. The City has met with ACHD and anticipates starting public outreach in June.

10th & State Streets – Brady Block Concepts:  CCDC is working with nearby landowners around the Agency-owned sites to create transformative development in this area.

1010 Main St – Avery Building – PP Type:  This is a privately-owned vacant building currently undergoing renovation. CCDC has remained engaged with the developer and owner who is working on overall project financing. The developer is interested in utilizing the Agency’s Participation Program, and hopes to work on an application submittal in summer 2019.

1111 Idaho St – 11th & Idaho Building – PP Type TBD:  This is a potential new building adjacent the future Westside Urban Park. CCDC is engaged with the owner/investor and anticipates a Participation Program partnership soon.

1715 W. Idaho St – Odyssey Flats – PP Type 1:  A Treasure Valley based development team held a neighborhood meeting and has submitted plans to the City for the development of approximately 18 residential units on this currently vacant parcel.  Although the final design and eligible public expenses are not yet known the developer suggested they would apply for Agency participation later in 2019 upon City approval.

Westside URD – Boundary Adjustment – Eligibility Study:  CCDC is working with SB Friedman Development Advisors (SBF) to analyze a series of parcels adjacent the existing Westside URD boundaries for possible annexation into the district. SBF will be presenting their analysis at the Board’s May 13, 2019 meeting. If the Board approves the Eligibility Study, the study will be transmitted to the City Council or review and requested approval.

ParkBOI – 10th & Front Garage – Agency Owned Property:  Guho Corp made substantial progress on the garage repair and maintenance project in January.  Substantial Completion was reached on March 25. Closeout documents were received from Guho Corp on April 2. Final Completion was achieved on April 10.  The Agency is working with a structural engineering firm to design the next phase of repairs.  As of April 24 there were 25 spaces available for lease in this garage.

March 1, 2018 Request for Qualifications Issued
March 15, 2018 Statements of Qualifications due from licensed contractors
April 9, 2018 Board approved the list of prequalified contractors
May 8, 2018 Invitation to Bid given to three prequalified contractors
June 11, 2018 Board awards contract to lowest responsive bidder Guho Corp
July 27, 2018 Notice to Proceed
August 6, 2018 Construction commences
November 2018 Construction underway
December 2018 Change Order for additional work and more time
January 22, 2019 Projected Substantial Completion
March 15, 2019 Projected Final Completion
March 25, 2019 Substantial Completion
April 10, 2019 Final Completion


11th Street Bikeway – ACHD Collaboration – River Street to Washington Street:  11th Street has been identified in plans by the City and ACHD as an important corridor for the west side of downtown Boise. It prioritizes cyclists, pedestrians, retail, business, and residents while accommodating existing vehicular use. ACHD is conducting a bikeway planning process for improvements to be made in FY2021 to prioritize 11th Street as a cycling corridor.  CCDC is collaborating with ACHD by conducting a preliminary streetscape improvement programming effort for 11th Street to identify synergies between these two upcoming projects.

Westside Circulator – Preliminary Engineering:  CCDC is partnering with the City to split the costs of preliminary engineering for the Downtown Circulator project.  The Agency stands ready to assist and anticipates direction in the near future.

8th Street – City/ACHD Traffic Configuration: A traffic and bike lane analysis performed by Kittleson & Associates and design package by Jensen Belts Associates were presented to the City Council on January 29, 2019. The Council has requested public outreach on the project, and the City and ACHD are working on public outreach plan. The Agency stands ready to assist, and move forward with streetscape projects, following City/ACHD decision. The City anticipates starting public outreach in June.

11th & Bannock Streets – Westside Urban Park:  The Master Development Agreement approved by the CCDC Board in August 2018 is awaiting City Council consideration once a land agreement between the City and the property owner is finalized.  The City Arts & History Department is preparing a Call-to-Artists to select an artist to produce and incorporate artwork into the park.  The design team is concurrently developing ideas for site features to be included in the park.

Westside Public Art – City of Boise Traffic Boxes – PP Type 4:  The T4 Agreement between CCDC and the City was approved by the Board on February 11, 2019.  Artists were selected by the City on March 4, 2019. Traffic boxes were assigned to artists on March 12. Art content was presented to Arts & History for feedback on May 1.