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CCDC Enters Public Engagement and Planning Phase for State Street Urban Renewal District

May 14, 2020

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City Requests that Agency Creates Master Framework Plan for Key Corridor

BOISE, Idaho – Thursday, May 14, 2020 – The public will soon have a chance to weigh in on a potential new urban renewal district (URD) that would cover nearly six miles of the State Street corridor.

Capital City Development Corporation (CCDC), at the request of Boise City Council and the Mayor’s Office, will lead the next phase of an interagency multi-year planning effort to improve the State Street corridor.  The process will include open houses and listening sessions with citizens, property owners, businesses and commuters who utilize the six-mile stretch of roadway. The plan will identify development opportunities, prioritize public improvements and establish other policies to guide future projects throughout the 20-year life of the potential district.

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“It’s an important corridor in the Boise Valley and creating a reasonable plan based on public input and years of collaboration is a significant assignment for our agency,” said John Brunelle, executive director of CCDC. “A top priority is to make sure that citizens have access to provide comments, feedback and ideas despite the stay at home and social distancing orders. CCDC will take the extra time necessary to listen to public input, address inquiries, and deliberate publicly on key decisions related to this project.”

The CCDC Board of Commissioners will vote next week on whether to approve a contract with Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (MIG) as a consultant for the project. If approved, MIG will engage stakeholders and to prepare a plan that includes a list of relevant physical improvements in the district that match with existing plans and policies associated with State Street.

The potential district area — including most parts of the State Street corridor between 27th Street and Horseshoe Bend Road— was previously determined to be eligible for an urban renewal district under state law. The Boise City Council voted to continue planning for the potential new district in June 2019, which allows CCDC to begin studying the opportunities, constraints and civic preferences for the area. CCDC staff will share findings throughout the process, continually looking to the public for feedback. Once the process is complete, the findings will be presented to the Boise City Council, which will then decide whether or not to approve the formation of a district.

If approved, a URD would allow CCDC to pay for infrastructure and other improvements in the area that support economic development and beautification. The district would establish a base property tax value at the time of approval. Any increase in property tax generated by increasing property values would be reinvested in district improvements over its 20-year lifespan. A district does not add new taxes.

Additionally, The City of Boise, City of Eagle, City of Star, Ada County Highway District (ACHD), Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), Community Planning Association of Southwest Idaho (COMPASS), Ada County, Valley Regional Transit (VRT) and other groups have all worked together on long-term plans to create more housing and better transportation options in the corridor.


The CCDC Board of Commissioners meets May 18 at 12:00 pm. The meeting will be held virtually, and the public is welcome to live stream the meeting at


State Street URD Fact Sheet