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Economic Development Project Update: 2403 W Fairview – Adare Manor Development

February 28, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Economic Development – Cultivate commerce and grow resilient, diversified, and prosperous local economies.


A proposed housing development by Northwest Integrity Housing on City land which incorporates the City owned ground on the south side of Fairview between 24th and 25th Street. This development includes 134 units of mixed income housing, including market rate and affordable housing and retail space. It also includes a variety of sources of funds including state and local funds.

The Developer has been awarded a Type 2 Participation Agreement for approximately $480,000 of the roughly $940,000 in eligible public improvement costs (street improvements, streetscapes, undergrounding utilities). The developer has requested additional funds as part of Type 4 Participation Project. Because 30th Street District priorities have been revised and other private projects did not come to fruition, additional funds became available in the District and CCDC Staff requested  Please visit the Adare Manor Project Page for more details.

CCDC Real Estate Development Manager, Shellan Rodriguez, is overseeing this project.

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