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Infrastructure Project Update: 10th & Main Office – PP Type 1

January 24, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure to attract new investment and encourage best use of property.


10th & Main Office – PP Type 1

10th & Main Rendering

Sawtooth Development has secured a new tenant for their office building at 10th and Main (behind their recent new condo project – The 119). Kount will lease the upper floors of the building and 2 retail tenants will lease the ground floor. The developer will make various interior and exterior improvements to the building including installing awnings. CCDC can reimburse for these new awnings through the Type 1 Participation Program as long as they meet the Participation Program Policy requirements. Sawtooth Development submitted a Type 1 application in November, and the CCDC Board of Commissioners “Designated” the project as eligible to receive funding through the Participation Program in December. CCDC staff has finalized the Type 1 agreement with the developer and it was on the January 8, 2018 Board Meeting consent agenda for approval.


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