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Infrastructure Project Update: 222 N 8th Street – Diablo & Sons – PP Type 1 Potential

March 7, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Infrastructure – Improve public infrastructure to attract new investment and encourage best use of property.

The owner/operator of the Fidelity Building is renovating the ground floor for a new restaurant called Diablo & Sons. The renovation is being done in conjunction with several other building improvements and the owner is investing approximately $2 million in improvements. As a part of this project the building owners will install new awnings around the 1st floor of the building replacing the outdated, lower hanging canvas awnings.

The owner has submitted a Type 1 application to reimburse for the new awnings in the pubic right-of-way. The awnings meet CCDC requirements of material and size, and protect the public sidewalks and pedestrian environment. This project was brought to the Board in February for formal “Designation”. Designation was granted, and Agency staff is finalizing the Type 1 agreement with the developer and bringing it back to the Board in March for final approval. Read more about this project HERE.

CCDC Project Manager, Laura Williams, is overseeing this project.


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