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CCDC owns six parking garages totaling 3,188 public parking spaces, which are managed as ParkBOI, Downtown Boise’s public parking system. The system accommodates nearly one million visitors annually who come to Boise’s downtown to work, shop and play.

All six garages are mixed use facilities attached to restaurants, retail businesses, hotels or condominiums. All garages accommodate contract/monthly parkers, hourly/transient customers and attendees to special events. Garages are open all day, every day.

The agency created and launched a comprehensive parking website focused on downtown options for the driving public. Check out  when you have a moment (and are not operating a motor vehicle).

CCDC’s parking spaces are part of over 18,000 spaces in Downtown Boise. The City of Boise operates approximately 3,000 on-street parking meters. The remaining 15,000 spaces are privately owned spaces in garages or surface parking lots, some of which are available to non-tenant customers.


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