Agency Role

A community’s parking options have a great deal of influence on how that community evolves over time.

That is exactly why CCDC, in partnership with the City of Boise, continually assesses and studies Downtown Boise parking in order to drive innovative and cost-effective parking solutions. CCDC owns and operates six parking garages located throughout the downtown area, but also supports and works to expand alternative parking opportunities such as Bike Share and convenient bike parking throughout the city.

CCDC also prioritizes work with local developers to make parking solutions affordable. CCDC understands that communities who look for innovative ways to manage off-street parking—a key link between land use and transportation—will be best prepared to tackle ongoing parking challenges. This is important to keep in mind as Downtown Boise continues to enjoy significant growth and development.

Visit ParkBOI for information and pricing regarding the six convenient parking garages in downtown Boise, as well as on-street metered parking.