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Place Making Project Update: Freak Alley & Union Block Alley

January 10, 2018

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One of CCDC’s Key Strategies is Place Making – Develop public spaces and energized environments where a blend of cultures and concentrated mix of uses create a valued sense of place.

Union Block Alley Plan View


Freak Alley & Union Block Alley

CCDC and the City of Boise are working with property owners and managers to improve Freak Alley and Union Block Alley as public spaces. Boise planning staff will manage an urban design process with a stakeholder group (including ownership interests), followed by final design and construction to be managed by CCDC. Plans have received Design Review and ACHD approval. CCDC and its CMGC are coordinating with Boise Public Works, which has a sewer replacement project in the alley immediately preceding the place making project. Boise Public Works and CCDC staff are holding a public information meeting on combined alley projects, today January 10, 3pm at City Hall.

For more information, please visit the CCDC Alley Program Project Page.


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