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River Myrtle – Old Boise District – Project Updates

February 16, 2023

News & Notes

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Economic Development

5th & Front Streets – Hotel and Parking Garage – PP Type 3:  The Agency has reviewed and approved of Cost Documentation and reimbursed developer for “Pale Blue Dot.” This project will continue to receive reimbursement for its other public improvements through increment until 2025. Project Lead: Alexandra Monjar

CW Moore Park Improvements – PP Type 4 Partnership with Boise Parks:  This partnership with Boise City Parks and Recreation will provide upgrades to CW Moore Park. The Agency is working with the Parks Department to help fund the improvements, not to exceed $200,000. The Board approved the project in March for T4 Agreement Designation. Staff are awaiting further information while the city reviews the scope of the project. Project Lead: Karl Woods

210 W Main St US Assay Office Pathway & Landscaping – PP Type 1: Landscaping and historical improvements on the US Assay Office. The Board approved an agreement in August and work is underway. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes

1201 W Grove St – The Broadstone Saratoga – PP Type 4:  334-unit mixed-use development with 377 parking spaces and ground floor retail. With $100M in total development costs, the Agency expects a $1.3M reimbursement for alley improvements, streetscapes, and utility work. The project coordinates overlapping public improvements with the Rebuild Linen Blocks on Grove Street capital project between 12th and 13th Streets. The Board designated the project for Type 4 Capital Improvement Project Coordination participation in August. The Agency will present a final agreement for Board approval in March. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes

200 N 4th St – ICCU Plaza – PP Type 2: The Agency has received an application from BVA to participate in this project to construct a building with both a 13-story tower, which will be commercial/office space, and an 11-story tower, which will be residential/multi-family. A total of 125 apartments and 150,000 square feet of office space included. The public improvements eligible for CCDC reimbursement include streetscapes along 4th St, Main St, and Bannock St. Utility upgrades and expansion work includes upgrading and undergrounding power, new underground fiber, and the expansion of the sewer mainline. Total Development Costs are estimated at $124 million and Eligible Expenses at $2.2 million. The project is requesting the use of CIP funds dedicated to housing developments which will be completed before the expiration of the RMOB District. The Board designated the project for Type 2 participation in January. The Agency will present a final agreement for Board approval in spring. Project Lead: Kevin Holmes


“Rebuild 11th Street Blocks” – Redevelopment of the 11th Street Corridor – State Street to Grove Street:  This project combines the installation of bikeway infrastructure, streetscape improvements, ACHD-planned pavement rehabilitation, and stormwater infrastructure upgrades. A full report is located under the Westside District. Project Lead: Amy Fimbel

RMOB Closeout Inventory and Analysis: This project identified locations where streetscape infrastructure repairs or upgrades are needed to address minor deficiencies, deterioration, or hazards within the streetscapes of existing rights-of-way. CCDC contracted with Stack Rock Group to perform the district-wide assessment of current conditions and to identify locations in need of improvements. Locations identified through this effort will be prioritized to inform the programming of closeout project work prior to RMOB sunset. Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer


5th St & 6th St Two-Way Conversion: CCDC is assisting the City of Boise with this high-priority project to convert the two existing one-way corridors to two-way vehicle travel. ACHD previously conducted feasibility studies, performed a concept analysis, and initiated final design work prior to putting the project on-hold in early 2019. CCDC will assist the City by managing the remainder of Final Design, agency approval and construction processes. In December 2022, CCDC entered an Interagency Cost Share Agreement with ACHD to complete design and outreach on the project. The Board approved Task Order 19-005 for preliminary and final design at the January 2023 Board Meeting.  Staff anticipates final construction documents will be complete midway through FY2024 at which time an additional Interagency Cost Share Agreement with ACHD will be negotiated and the project will be bid for construction.   Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

S 5th St & Myrtle St – Signalized Crossing: This project anticipates installing a traffic signal on Myrtle Street at the 5th Street intersection to provide a safe crossing between Julia Davis Park and the Central Addition and to extend the signal-coordinated traffic calming of Myrtle Street. CCDC will incorporate traffic signal improvements in the 5th & 6th Two-Way Conversion project listed above. Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

Place Making

Grove Street Old Boise Blocks – Multi-Block Improvement ProjectCCDC conducted an inclusive, community-driven visioning process to develop a place-making strategy for this site. The process began in June 2020 with a series of stakeholder visioning meetings to create a community-supported vision for the area. The public had several opportunities to engage in the visioning process through summer and fall 2020. The Agency presented the visioning documents to the Board at its December 14, 2020, meeting. The Agency selected Jensen Belts Associates in February as the Landscape Architect of Record for the project. The Board approved the ranking of Guho Corp. as the selected Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the project at the April Board meeting. Stakeholder meetings are complete, and the project was presented to the City Council in July 2021. CCDC received a draft memo from the City, which proposed tasks and a road map to gain design review approval for the project. CCDC has responded to the memo. CCDC submitted a DR package for review on March 4 and met with the City on April 11 to discuss the submittal. CCDC received a letter regarding the submittal on April 15 and had a follow-up meeting with the City on April 25. CCDC revised and resubmitted the drawings on June 10, 2022. CCDC has worked with the City and ACHD to gain approval of a city directed curbless street design. CCDC is working on construction documents, a 60% set has been submitted for review.. Project Lead: Karl Woods

Linen Blocks – West Grove Street Improvements:  This project will make catalytic infrastructure improvements on Grove Street between 10th and 16th Streets. CCDC conducted an inclusive, community-driven visioning process for the project from September 2020 to June 2021. The process included a series of stakeholder visioning meetings and public surveys and resulted in a final visioning document. GGLO started design in July 2021 and submitted draft final design plans to ACHD and the City of Boise in September 2022. The Board approved Guho Corp. as the selected CM/GC for the project at the October 2021 Board Meeting. Amendment No. 1 to Guho’s contract for advanced sewer relocation work was approved at the October 10, 2022, Board meeting. Guho started sewer construction November 14, 2022, and anticipates construction of the full improvements to follow in February 2023 once permitting approvals are complete. Project Lead: Amy Fimbel

Boise Canal Multi-Use Pathway – 3rd Street to Broadway:  As identified in the recently adopted 2022 City of Boise Pathway Master Plan and the 2020 Old Boise Blocks Visioning Report, this project anticipates constructing a non-motorized, multi-use pathway generally aligned with the Grove Street corridor, connecting 3rd Street to Broadway Avenue at the recently installed enhanced pedestrian crossing to Dona Larsen Park. Because no continuous public right-of-way exists within which to construct the pathway, close coordination and cooperation with property owners will be essential. CCDC has initiated preliminary discussions with property owners and Agency partners. CCDC selected The Land Group to assist with design and construction administration services through a competitive RFQ process. Consultant will begin design work in February 2023. Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

Fulton Street Improvements – 9th Street to Capitol Blvd:  This project will improve Fulton Street between 9th Street and Capitol Boulevard. CCDC selected The Land Group to perform consultant design services for the project. The final design was completed in October 2022 and final plans are currently being reviewed by ACHD prior to bidding. Bidding is anticipated in February 2023 with construction beginning spring 2023. Project Lead: Zach Piepmeyer

 521 W Grove Street Public Space

This project will develop an Agency-owned parcel at 521 W Grove Street into a public space that celebrates the neighborhood’s multi-cultural history, provides additional event space to support street festivals on the adjacent Basque Block, and catalyzes placemaking with adjacent private investment and overall neighborhood investment strategy. This project is in collaboration with Boise Parks Department, which will assume ownership, operation, and maintenance. A Design Team was selected through an RFQ process. Staff received Board approval for the selection of the Design Team in October. A CMGC was selected through an RFQ process, and the selection was approved by the Board in December. Staff issued a public programming survey for the project on January 9th. The survey closed on January 25th and the results are being analyzed. Project Lead: Karl Woods

Special Projects

RMOB Public Art – City of Boise Broad Street Sculpture – PP Type 4:  The Arts & History Commission approved the design in October 2020. CCDC supported the project through funding and involvement in the selection process. Fabrication of the sculpture is complete, and Arts & History has decided to store the sculpture until the completion of the Ovation Apartment construction to avoid potential damage to the sculpture. Project Lead: Karl Woods