2016 Downtown Parking Strategic Plan


In 2015 CCDC contracted with Kimley-Horn, a nationally recognized parking consulting firm, to create a Downtown Parking Strategic Plan. The plan will update the mission of CCDC relative to parking as a key urban development strategy and also address the relationship of the City managed on-street parking program with CCDC garage parking. This planning is also essential as CCDC prepares for the Central District sunset, where four of the six CCDC garages are currently located.

Enhanced transportation and parking planning is critical to improved mobility management coordination and implementation strategies related to the new strategic plan vision. The Parking Strategic Plan suggests a new and integrated transportation and parking vision that builds on existing program strengths, new program development initiatives and enhanced program coordination and collaboration. The plan also focuses on demand reduction strategies to create a balanced parking and transportation program.

The plan was presented to the CCDC board in January 2016 and after an extensive outreach process was implemented in 2017.

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Downtown Boise Strategic Plan Appendices

Appendix P - Sustainability