Alexandra Monjar

Senior Project Manager - Property Development

PHONE (208) 384-4264  FAX (208) 384-4267


“I believe that our built environment is a product of what we value as a community. Boise has a lot of fantastic public spaces, and we deserve more of them. I’m thrilled to be in a place where I can work with developers to support the creation of environments that reflect the best parts of Boise—our kindness, entrepreneurial creativity, and respect for the natural world.”

When urban planners talk about the built environment, they’re describing the places people have created for all of us to live, work, and play. As CCDC’s project manager in property development, Alexandra’s task is to collaborate with private entities to ensure Boise’s built environment is attractive, accessible, and sustainable.

Before joining CCDC, Alexandra was manager of ULI Idaho, the state’s chapter of the global non-profit Urban Land Institute. It was a perfect training ground for her current role, as she brought together developers, government agencies, and individuals to share best practices and build thriving communities. Her previous experience also includes stints with Idaho Smart Growth, PCS Edventures, and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Alexandra earned her bachelor’s degree in arts administration (cum laude) from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. She holds certificate in commercial real estate from eCornell.

With her usual pastimes of enjoying downtown restaurants and attending concerts and drag shows on hold during the pandemic, Alexandra has taken up new hobbies: mountain biking, skate skiing, and phone banking for political campaigns. She also enjoys crocheting toys for her nieces and nephews; training her cats to sit, stay, and give high-fives; and learning how to keep house plants alive.